Personal Financial Health Check

Our financial health check will quickly discover what your finances are like and what shape they are in. Complete the below questions and health check will give you your personal ratios.

Personal financial ratios are essentially snapshots of certain aspects of your current financial position and can be used with other financial planning techniques to determine if you are on target to meet your goals

1. How much do you have in total cash? (including all bank accounts)   

2. How much do you earn per month gross?   

3. What are your total monthly expenses? (this includes everything you spend each month)   

4. How much do you save each month? (This is the amount that leaves your bank account to go to investments or savings account)   

5. What are your total assets? (everything including property, investments, cash)   

6. How much of these are investments? (not including your home)   

7. What are your total liabilities? (this is credit cards, mortgages and loans)   

8. How much is your annual debt repayment?   

9. How much of this is mortgage repayment?   

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