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Making a donation to Singapore charity

If you make a contribution to a registered charity in Singapore, your donation is tax deductible against your income tax assessment. Furthermore, your donation will be deductible at 2.5 times the original amount.

For example, a $300 donation will mean $750 being deducted from assessable income.

Cash donations must be made to an approved Institution of a Public Character (IPC) or the Singapore Government for causes that benefit the local community. Not all registered charities are approved IPCs. Therefore, donations made to a charity without approved IPC status are not tax-deductible.

To check if the charity you want to donate to is registered -

The amount is automatically deducted from income assessment at the time of your income tax submission in April each year

Our chosen Singapore Charity

Singapore Repository Theatre (SRT) is one of the leading theatres in Singapore serving over 100,000 with theatre experiences, learning and community programmes. SRT creates employment to close to 300 people a year, produce eight productions and has a strong community outreach via its Learning & Engagement programmes. Known for its iconic productions like Shakespeare in the Park and a host of musicals for young people, SRT is a charity with IPC status.

Student Education Fund

They strongly believe that theatre is an impactful educational platform that inspires the imagination and unlocks creativity and social skills in ways that a classroom may be unable to. SRT works with private donors and organisations to sponsor several thousand tickets and workshops every year for a long list of charities and schools in the low-income areas to ensure that every child has access to theatre as part of their learning journey.

Read more here and click to get involved in ensuring the access to theatre no matter what financial background you are from:

Friends of SRT Love the theatre and if would like to do your part to support its development. Why not donate to our Friends of SRT programme and get benefits such as tickets to performances, invitation to special events and of course enjoy 250% tax-benefit. A perfect present to loved ones and your hardworking team too.