What is in a name?

Getting advice on your finances in the offshore world is generally perceived to be more difficult than in your home country. You have a different set of regulations, local customs, currency and maybe language. In theory, financial planning should be the same across the world, with only changes in detail to local taxes and products that you can access. A financial adviser should be your guide to these complexities and help you with your decisions.

What an adviser goes by may help you understand what type of advice they are offering. It may, however, be different to what you expect back home. Normally, a title can be defined as the name that describes someone's position or job. In the financial services world you may come across

  • Financial Adviser
  • Financial Planner
  • Wealth Manager
  • Investment Adviser

Depending on what the local regulations are may dictate what they have to be called. The above may offer a similar service regardless of the title or it may be quite completely different. They may or not have specialisations that are important to you.

Do your research and due diligence to match your needs and understand what the prospective adviser can do for you. If a financial plan is important to you then you might need to talk to a financial planner or wealth manager. If you want to buy an investment fund then a broker or investment adviser may be what you need.