Investment Options



Once invested, money can easily erode with poor management or neglect. We think a tiered portfolio management structure is depending on the level of service you require to ensure your risk exposure is managed effectively, ultimately maximizing your returns. Financial planning can seem overwhelming but unbiased financial planning can provide you with clear, practical expert advice. We want our clients to choose how they’d like to be serviced so, all you need to do is pick one of the options below as to how you’d like us to work together:

1. Asset Allocation Portfolio Models

The investment models are based on currency and type of risk model you have chosen. These are monitored constantly and then before making any investment recommendations we take great care to understand your attitude towards investment risk, reward and volatility. In the first instance we ask you to complete our simple investment risk profile questionnaire. We use your answers to prepare an initial risk assessment report which forms the basis for discussion about your attitudes to risk.

Once goals and risk profiles are agreed, we create an asset allocation strategy which will form your base investing position. Working with our investment team, we make tactical adjustments to this asset allocation strategy which are designed to reflect current economic and investment market outlook.

With an asset allocation model agreed, we get to work on selecting suitable funds to populate our asset mix. When choosing investment assets, we review the entire market and aim to pick assets which perform consistently, deliver risk-adjusted returns and form the most cost effective to you.

2. Bespoke

Tailoring an individual portfolio working with one of our consultants and investment team, a client can select, for example, the following:

  • Individual funds
  • Sector weightings
  • Overall risk profile
  • Benchmarks
  • Dealing activity frequency
  • Reporting frequency

Within the your specifications, we take responsibility for ensuring that the portfolio provides exposure to suitable companies and fund managers.

3. Platform

If you have specific ideas about how you would like your money to be invested, access investments or funds that are not currently available with your present provider, appreciate online access to valuations with a transparent charging structure and presented on a consolidated statement, then a platform strategy would be most suitable for you. 

4. Discretionary Fund Manager

We recognise that there is a strong and growing demand in the investment market for advisers to outsource the portfolio management process to specialist third party Discretionary Fund Managers. 

This allows clients to benefit from expert portfolio management and investment research capabilities enabling you to focus on financial planning. We work with some of the world’s leading Asset Management groups