How do we do it

This could be putting appropriate Wills in place to protect your family or thinking about how your family will manage without your income should you fall ill or die prematurely, spending money differently, but it involves thinking about all of these things together i.e. your 'financial plan'. This is even more complicated if you have to add in multi-currency and different countries.


Why work with us?

Advisor Qualifications

Every one of our advisors hold the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP) qualification or the best qualifications within their country. The CFP® mark is the gold standard in the international financial advisory community based on education, testing, experience, and that we are held to a rigorous ethical standard. We also hold local financial planning qualifications in different countries.


We abide by a fiduciary standard. Meaning we always keep your best interests at the foremost of our thinking. This is much different than other firms that look after international expats that sell products or insurance.


We have experience working with expat clients just like you. The unique differences that an expat has compared to an adviser 'back home' We strive to help you make better decisions so that you and your family can live a full and happy life.


We use state-of-the-art technologies to analyze, monitor and report on your portfolio and your financial plan. In addition, our technology communicates more efficient updates on the status of your financial plan and your investments.


We are paid by fees for our advice. This completely transparent. This is great value compared to other financial service companies.