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Webinar: Plan Your Finances Around Your 'Bucket List'

Financial planning should be about doing the things you want to do. It’s not all about retirement, school fees or life insurance. Although all are generally required at some point.

A 'bucket list' is an individual list of goals, events, moments or experiences that you want to do in your life. Any personal financial plan should consider these within it. If you are planning your life around your finances, then adding in this list is vital to having a happy life.

So, plan out your bucket list, when and how you want to do it and we will build your financial plan around it.

Making your goals and planning for the year always happens at the start. In this webinar we go through some of the planning that you can do to achieve those bucket lists moments

  • Learn how to plan your future

  • Predict how much these events will cost you

  • See our financial snapshot of what your life will look before and after planning the bucket list

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