A savings and investment platform

Savings play an important role in making you financially secure and help build a better quality of life.

Most people today don’t save enough money. In fact, they spend most of what they earn only to realise that they do not have enough savings for their retirement until it’s too late. The savings habits of people around the world have changed, but savings are still important

A savings and investment platform for expats is the key to this. It is a low cost, flexible and easy way to invest. It’s simple to use, and accessible for everyday investors who want a better way to grow their money. Just like a bank account, you put money in your Investment Account when you want, take it out when you need, and you’re not locked in. But so much better than a bank account, the Investment Account invests your money, so it works harder and grows more.

Ideally, you’ll invest for the medium to long-term because the markets reward longer-term investors more handsomely and consistently. But you’re free to come and go as you wish, taking or leaving your money with no lock-in periods and no exit penalties.

How is your money invested? Thorugh a risk rated portfolio designed by us or through your own choice. The savings are invested in line with your requirements. The portfolio is diversified effectively to spread risk, and the total fees you pay are extremely low in comparison to traditional investment methods.

Safe, transparent and accessible

• You have 24/7 online viewing access to your portfolio valuation. • You can add funds, withdraw funds or close your account at any time with no penalties, no exit charges, and no lock-in. • You get a simple way to make your money work for your future.